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I worked on this silly physics game for too long, and want to move on to other things. 

In order to get some sort of value off this project, I recorded a bunch of commentary about the game that you can access in game. 

It's technically a beatable game, missing a couple big things, and a few small things; but in the end it just wasn't fun enough to play (or fun enough to work on lol).

Here's our YouTube Channel sometimes we make stuff and things. 


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This was fascinating, I don't have much words but I want you to know I really enjoyed this, the commentary was very pleasant to listen to and I enjoyed playing this. The only really annoying part was the very ending when I had to pick up the rocket parts and shoot them and push them to the top. The rocket didn't get to fly, but that's okay. It's really fun to see someone talk about their game, especially unfinished. My favorite part was the physics and graphics, and music too.

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Hey! Randomly remembered really liking Odyssey of the Cog back during the wowie game jam and checked out your other games. Played through How to Open a Locked Chest, Why is Office Coffee so Bad, Tanks for the memories, and this game to completion. I am a huge fan of all of them and love the weird mix of comedy and unsettling tones you've got going on in your games. The developer commentary was great and very interesting. Thanks for making the games and hope you keep making more awesome stuff!

Thank you! We're really glad you liked them!