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Nothing like a hot cup of joe before the morning meeting.

Your goal is simple. Just keep your eyes on the screen, keep typing away, and do whatever your boss tells you. Also don't drink any gross coffee that might show up. (A totally realistic depiction of working in an office.)


F11 for full screen - Mouse to look at stuff - click when holding drink - Game is in English - playtime only 5 - 10 minutes - if you can't figure out what to do, just relax, look around a bit, and sip some nasty coffee.

This is an experimental game that I made for practicing 3D, as well as to see if I could make a game that actually used voices.

Would love to hear what you think!

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Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorPirate Chip Games
Made withGodot
Tags3D, coffee, Experimental, Godot, Low-poly, office, Singleplayer, Surreal, Voice Acting
Average sessionA few minutes


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I just have one question who made the ending music and what is it calle

Actually pretty relatable, there's nothing better than the daily trip through the void. Nice game, reminded me of another game called accounting. Fun short experience :)

Well thanks for playing, glad ya enjoyed!

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Good Games

I wouldn't necessarily say that it was bad...

Asked my girlfriend to try this out-- she enjoyed it! Tell "Jeremy" to mind his own business, though, haha.

I think there was more than just coffee in that coffee

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I dont even like coffce! XD great game

i hate my boss . i hate that coffe

(sorry for lag)


This game makes me want to drink office coffee for the sole purpose of maybe going to a whole new dimension. Super neato and colorful game!! I loved how it got increasingly bizarre :) 

Played the game :D it was rather interesting and quite random at the same time ^- ^

Super fun, was not expecting the ending. But loved every minute,pretty sure they spiked the coffee.

That was a pretty fun game,i wasn't expecting that ending at all!!😂I made a video playing two different office games and this is the second one.

LaurenZside played it

Funny "trashy" game!

Thank you for this very much!!!

Although this was short, it was really fun and trippy, I really enjoyed playing it!

Definitely was a fun game

One of the more unique horror games I've had the chance to play. The ending was super unexpected! I'm excited for what Chapter 2 brings! Great work piratechipgames!

This was an interesting game.

I love coffee. And no coporate cubicle job will lord over me and tell me that I can not drink myself into the 20th dimension!! I had a lot of fun with this game and love the sheer randomness of it. Great job dev! 

Impressive! ❤️

This game managed to be weird, creepy, and funny all at the same time. Great work! 

I like This game, It was a well-made test game!

So... c̞̭̲͓̟͔̳̙̪̬̒̃̇̿̈́͛̚̚ó̫̜̟̱͚́͋̿̍̚ͅf̖͖̟̦̲̯̾̈́͒̑̿̍́͛́̅͂f̮͎͖̠̪͈̣͈͉͛̇̒̌̌̉̈́̒̓̈ͅͅe̳̞͉̙̮̦̖͋̃̃̂͑͒̒e̗̱̙͔̜͈̣̳̜͛̾̍͗

I loved your game it had a really cool and weird vibe kinda reminded me of broken reality.

Also doing a 100 day upload challenge hope to see you there :D

This was definitely a trip! Keep up the great work! 

 i almost has a cardiec attack,but,i liked you game:)

I really enjoyed how oddly eccentric this game was. I really have no critiques to give. Just a very silly, enjoyable short experience! 

I liked this quite a bit. Very funny. I appear frustrated in the video but I am just playing along. 


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This was an absolutely fun and amazing game. Had no idea what I was getting into, and everything was so great. Loved the hilarious things that happen like the phone and cameras and everything; the game was just great and so fun! The story was short but really well crafted; keep up the amazing work, and good luck for other projects!

Such a fun game :D

love this game :):):)

Drink Up!
I demand to be in the obvious sequel and I will voice act for free.

Que joguinho doido!

lmao didn't expect all the twists and turns also i cant stand this yellow dude.

I loved this. I'm a huge fan of these types of games that have the world around you become more and more strange as time goes on. And the bits of humor throughout were greatly appreciated. Great work!

its the goat, adrionic.

Ending makes me want to drink coffee... Love the animation of the hands haha

Confusing.. I love it!

Nice game

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